Working to ban #KillerRobots, here are our top 10 favourite moments of 2019

10. We had not one, but two amazing pop culture moments this year!

9. “Politically unacceptable and morally despicable.”

“Tomorrow, killer robots could take the place of soldiers. We must ban all autonomous weapons. Machines that have the power and discretion to kill without human intervention are politically unacceptable and morally despicable.

How is it imaginable that technological “progress” could lead to regression in human rights? We should instead be ensuring that artificial intelligence is used to guarantee that everyone can live in dignity, peace and prosperity.”

8. That time we went to Berlin!

“We want to want to codify the principle of human control over all deadly weapons systems internationally, and thereby take a big step toward a global ban on fully autonomous weapons."

7. “Scouts are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are the changemakers of today”.

6. Tech workers are the boots on the ground, with insights and expertise into the weaponized technology that is being developed right now!

5. Our repeated trips to the UN 😬…

4. The time we brought our robot campaigner to Times Square, and the offices of Amazon, Microsoft, Clarifai and Palantir.

3. This surprisingly humourous but, of course, excellent New York Times short documentary about killer robots…

2. Our year in numbers!

1. And number 1?



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