Five Reasons Why Millennials Need to Ban Killer Robots

A millennial sits in the corner of a room, reading, headphones on surrounded by millennial furnishings including houseplants
Photo by Austin Distel.

1. Killer robots calculate — they don’t think

Killer robots’ actions will be guided by numbers. Fully autonomous weapons, at their most basic level, will be machines with processes. Unlike real-time decision-making, the engagement of robots in policing or war means acting based on pre-established algorithms, kinda like your family’s desktop that constantly needs updating. These algorithms help the computer’s radar system examine its surroundings to determine whether or not the target profile is in its midst.

2. Algorithms behind killer robots are inherently racist

We’ve all heard it before — Millennials are too sensitive. The driving force behind this misunderstanding is the degree to which younger generations label normalized behaviour as wrong.

3. Killer robots make mistakes, too

We’ve all been there, Millennials. You go to open your laptop in your morning class, only to find out that the system has crashed. Your schoolwork is gone, and life as you know it is over.

4. Killer robots promote instability

One of the basic arguments about engaging in war circles around worth. The value of political and economic gain is paramount to this debate. We know all about personal gain, Millennials! It’s sorta like when adults call us selfish.

5. Killer robots devalue life

It’s no secret that the challenges facing Millennials’ long-term wellbeing are unique in comparison to the global concerns of past generations. This isn’t to knock the impacts of past world tragedies. After all, no Millennial would cope well with massive economic depression. That type of suffrage just isn’t the content our Instagram followers are looking for.

Graphic with Caroline Fox holding her hand out to the camera with ‘Stop Killer Robots’ on her hand.
Caroline Fox interned at Mines Action Canada as a Communications Assistant for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots between September-December 2019, while undertaking graduate studies at the University of Ottawa.



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Stop Killer Robots

Stop Killer Robots


With growing digital dehumanisation, the Stop Killer Robots campaign works to ensure human control in the use of force.