Banning killer robots in a pandemic: What made us proud in 2020

10. Growing our website

9. Creating a #FeministFuture

8. Starting #KillerRobotsQandA

7. #DisarmamentBakeOff. Need we say more?

Erin Hunt: Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls
Wanda Munoz: Khobz Al Tawa
Shirine El Jurdi: Tarte Aux Fraises
Alma Taslidžan Al-Osta: Zeljanica
© Elizabeth Minor

6. Attending RightsCon for the first time

5. That time we went to Buenos Aires (pre-COVID).

4. Hosting the first virtual Humanitarian Disarmament Forum (HDF)

HDF 2020 Opening Plenary. Graphic Recording by Sonaksha Iyengar (

3. Making sure we keep #YouthInTheLoop

2. When we won the Ypres Peace Prize!

And while there are lots of things we have been proud of this year, we are most proud of…

1. Our community



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Stop Killer Robots

Stop Killer Robots

With growing digital dehumanisation, the Stop Killer Robots campaign works to ensure human control in the use of force.